Does Bosley Work? Let’s Find Out!

Just like youth, our looks are among the things we take for granted. It is until they are gone do we really appreciate what we had.

Our hair constitutes a large percentage of our looks. It is the crown that we never take off, well unless it starts thinning out or we start going bald. This is where Bosley comes in.

Bosley is a hair restoration solution that provides both surgical and nonsurgical hair loss solutions. Bosley has been in the hair restoration business for over 40 years. And with such time in the industry, it’s clear they are doing something right.


Bosley is mostly famous for its surgical solutions for hair loss. The procedure basically includes transplanting hair from areas where you have it in plenty, like the sides and the back of your head, to areas where you need it most, like the front.

What Bosley Claims It Will Do

Bosley claims to be able to restore your hair to its once glorious state. They also promise that the transplant will last you a lifetime, with little or no hair loss as you age.

During the procedure, the physician moves the healthy hair follicles to the area where the thinning or balding has occurred. The procedure can be quite extensive depending on the client’s specification and the amount of thinning that has occurred.

That being said, the procedure may require several hundred grafts or even several thousand depending on how bad the situation is.

Bosley also promises the results will be natural looking, with little or no chance of people telling that it’s a hair transplant.

How Much Does Bosley Hair Restoration Cost?

The procedure has been regarded as expensive but Bosley offers payment plans that range from $150-$250 per month. Normally the procedure totals up to a sum of $4000-$12000 depending on the damage.

That being said, the cost varies with each individual’s case. Despite offering a free consultation, a $1000 is regarded as room reservation fee. The fee is nonrefundable unless the physician does not accept you to undergo the procedure or you notify them two weeks prior to the scheduled appointment.

What Kind of Commitments Should You Expect?

does bosley really work?Other than the financial commitment, the procedure needs you to go in for several treatments. This is because the process needs to be done in stages to allow your hair to heal.

So other than your money, the procedure is bound to eat up a sizeable amount of your time. But with your looks and your money at stake, you are also bound to fit in treatment sessions into your tight schedule.

What To Expect After A Successful Procedure

After the procedure, here’s what you should be expecting. Your scalp may be tender.

For this, your doctor will prescribe pain medications for a couple of days. You may also need to take antibiotics or an anti-inflammatory drug for the next couple of days.

Other than wearing bandages over your head for the following days, you should be able to return to work in 2-5 days depending on how long you take to heal.

The transplanted hair will fall out 2-3 weeks after surgery but your hair should grow in a couple of months.

Statistics show that most people who have undergone the procedure realize 60% growth in 6-9 months.

Here’s Gerald’s review, a former Bosley hair restoration patient, who has regained his confidence and passion for life:

What Top Bosley Alternatives Are There?

Despite being in the industry for over 4 decades, Bosley has not run unchallenged. Bosley has a range of alternatives including:


It is a hair transplant alternative that includes taking oral medications. The pills are available in 5mg pills and should be quartered in the case of males and halved in the case of females. For women, however, the pills can only be used if the woman cannot get pregnant. The side effects Propecia include impotence and a reduced volume in semen production.


This is a topical solution. It is applied daily to the scalp and may take up to 4 months before you realize any regrowth. It reactivates shrunken roots and revitalizes the hair’s growth cycle. However, it is expensive and once you stop using it, your hair will resume thinning and balding.

Har Vokse

This consists of an anti hair loss spray and a growth supplement. The spray should be used twice a day while the supplement should be taken once per day. It made out of natural ingredients and has not had any reported side effects.

Other alternatives to Bosley include PRP, laser light comb, low-level laser therapy and spironolactone.

Final Words – So, Does Bosley Work?

In conclusion, it would be really hard to say whether or not Bosley works. This is because everyone has a different scalp which would react differently to the procedure. It is also important to note that the service is offered by numerous surgeons and each surgeon’s work is unique.

But with over four decades in business, it would be preposterous to say that the procedure does not work entirely. With such time in the industry, the procedure has proven to be effective. Otherwise the company would have fallen under a long time ago.

But despite surviving for under half a century, the company has faced its fair share of complaints and controversy. Many of the complaints addressed the false advertising and claims that the company was allegedly making.

Before cashing out on a $10000 procedure you should consider trying the other nonsurgical hair loss solutions mentioned above. This is because hair transplant is permanent and a bad transplant is worse than going bald.

The procedure also comes with its fair share of side effects and risks. Some of the risks although rare include bleeding, inflammation and infections like folliculitis. Just like any other surgery, the procedure also has a chance of scarring and in some rare cases unnatural looking hair regrowth.

If the nonsurgical alternatives prove to not be helpful, it would not hurt to go in for a free consultation and know if the procedure would be applicable to your situation. In the very least you would at least know how many grafts you require to restore your hair back to its former state.